UFC light heavyweight category champion, Polish Jam Blachowicz has warned Adesanya about the impending dangers of moving to a higher weight category and fighting the champion in the first fight of the new category.

It was reported a few weeks back that self styled last bender is moving to the light weight category after conquering all comers in middle weight category and Dana White is also ready to match him with Champion of the category, Jan Blachowicz in his fight in the division.

In a chat with MMA fighting ,the champion says it is safer for him to “fiirst fight with someone from the contenders, not in the top of the rankings but someone from behind.” began the polish who believe he needs to get used to the new category before embarking on championship fights.

He continued ” All my life I’m in this category so I know everything about this category. Everything is different,” Blachowicz said. “Cardio is different. Timing is different. Speed is different. You can train with heavyweight guys, you can train with 205 guys but this is training. A fight is completely different.

Blachowicz quickly wiped off any insinuations of trying to avoid the Nigerian for now, he believed it ” it will be a problem for Adesanya” in case he ignores his advise and come for his title.

“If he wants to feel the legendary Polish, I am ready for his pretty style,” Blachowicz said .

If they want to give me Adesanya, no problem.” The light heavyweight champion concludes.


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