Nigeria’s Kamaru Usman, the world welterweight UFC champion, has stated why he won’t be moving up to the middleweight category in the UFC.

In a session with in Lagos on Sunday, Kamaru Usman stated that having conquered all his opponents in the welterweight categories so far, he has no intention of moving up to the next weight category which is the middleweight category, the Weight category which has Isreal Adesanya as the titleholder.

He made this statement a couple of hours after Isreal Adesanya defeated Marvin Vettori in the UFC 263 to retain the middleweight title through a unanimous decision thus back to winning ways after his unsuccessful attempt to holding a world title in two different categories.

Moving up to the next weight category means he will have to fight Isreal Adesanya to become a champion.

The Auchi born wrestler is willing to remain in the welterweight class as long as Adesanya still rules the middleweight class.
When quizzed about the possibilities of moving to the next category, Kamaru said ” No” I won’t be moving to the next weight category, you know thats where Adesanya rules and for me, I love it when two Nigerians are holding two belts in two different categories and it’s far better one Nigeria holding two belts, based on that I will continue to dominate the middleweight as long as Isreal continues to rule the welterweight category”.

Kamaru Usman became world champion in 2019 when he defeated Colby Covington has since had three successful title defences with the last defence came off a sensational knock out of Jorge Masvidal to extend his winning streak to 14, the longest in history in the welterweight category.

It’s a delight to watch Isreal Adesanya and Kamaru Usman dominating their weight categories in the UFC as they ensure that two Nigerians are holding two of the four world title belts in the UFC.


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